Gold Horn Associates: fire training and consulting services

Gold Horn Associates is a consortium of fire protection, emergency response and emergency management professionals that provide education, training and consulting services to the fire service, municipal governments and corporate America. I've gathered a cadre of instructors that have years of field experience, many of whom have formal education and/or advanced degrees. While they don't work directly for me, I invite you to select any Associate and see what they have to offer. I bring you this web site as a "one stop shop" for your fire protection, response and emergency management needs. Please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance finding the right service for your organization. Be well, stay well, be safe. -- Chief Ron Kanterman, Founder

Fire & Emergency Services

Leadership Excellence
Highrise Tactics
Fire Ground Leadership
Fireworks Display Safety
Fire Protection Systems
Fire Prevention and Firefighter Safety
Firefighter Safety
Arson Recognition
EOC Operations
Emergency Management
National Fire Academy Courses


Corporate & Industrial Protection

Corporate Crisis Management
Facility Crisis Management
Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
Fire Brigade Training/Hazardous Materials
Life Safety and Fire Protection Surveys
Emergency Facility Planning
Incident Command for Industry


Specialty Services

Custom Keynotes
Meeting Facilitation
Motivational Speeches
Promotional Exams


Our goal is to make you better at what you do.